Travel Tips


We recommend that you try to travel lightly and carry what is necessary during the Camping trip. If you have luggage that you need for other trips before or at the beginning of the trip, we can organize you to keep these in the starting Point hotel/Lodge whereby you shall pick them at the end of the trip. Luggage can be kept in one soft large travelling bag or back pack. We recommend you also have a day pack bag to carry items you will need for nature walks or an overnight in a remote location.

  • Camping Equipment – we shall provide all the camping equipment that includes your sleeping tent, mattress and cooking gear. You will need to bring your own sleeping bag, torch, an extra bed sheet for hot nights, mosquito nets, a pillow and Pajamas depending on your sleeping preferences.
  • Clothing and Shoes – light weight clothes are recommended in most parts of Africa but a Jacket or a very warm fleece is a must because temperatures drop at times especially in high altitude places. An umbrella or rain coat is needed despite the season or time of the Year. Two or three pairs of shoes that must include comfortable ankle length thick-soled walking boots and open sandal-like ones for the beach and evenings. A Washing line, deterget and pegs, a swimming costume and a sarong will come in handy.
  • Items of a personal nature – Water bottle, mosquito repellant spray or cream, sunblock and other toiletries, sunglasses are almost a must-carry. Other items we recommend are Binoculars, Camera and accessories, money belt or pouch, photocopies of your air tickets, passports, vaccination certificates kept separately from the originals. Personal medications or first aid kit


  • Travel Documents – for any travel away from home country you will need a passport with enough pages, flight tickets and Visas depending on the trip, Travel insurance, Trip confirmation Voucher,,

NOTE: Most of the Camping items can be purchased locally such as the sleeping bag, water bottle, washing line, detergents and pegs, a Masai Shuka etc to avoid heavy Packing . Ask your guide to advise on where to donate items that you do not need at the end of the trip if they are reusable and in good condition.